Communication skills in research 2

Managing challenges and difficult behaviour

Facilitators:  Rachel Harrison

Course Outline: 

How can I improve relationships with a tricky colleague? How can I deal with personality clashes in my team? We are all so stressed and people seem so touchy, how can we keep our communications positive?

Making communications work is always a challenge. It is particularly hard at the moment. This interactive webinar provides an opportunity to think though some of the challenging communications situations we face and what we can do about them. We will look at some of the drivers of difficult behaviour, addresses some of the myths around conflict and look at how to make the best and most of the communications opportunities that we have. 

What are we aiming to achieve? Consider the place and importance of conflict in the workplace and how to make the most of the opportunities it presents.

Explore ways of working though and making sense of difficult and conflicting situations in the workplace.

Enhance awareness of strengths and weaknesses in personal responses to conflict situations sand approaches to challenging behaviour.

What we will cover

  • You’re in charge!
  • The assertive communicator: review of key principles
  • Communication under pressure
  • Conflict – what is it and when does it happen?
  • Conflict prevention v conflict management
  • Reframing conflict
  • Five key approaches to challenging situations
  • You and conflict: what pushes your buttons? Effective self-management.
  • Trouble shooting – Practical workshop using real life case studies and relevant scenarios

Please note a certificate of attendance will only be issued if delegates complete all elements of the training and submit a complete evaluation form.