Uploading research activity

All studies* on the Health and Care Research Wales Portfolio are required to upload their research activity onto the local portfolio management system (LPMS) on a monthly basis.

Why does recruitment activity need to be recorded?

Research activity for portfolio studies is central to ensuring an organisation can access support funding.

How do you upload research activity onto LPMS?

Before you can upload research activity to a study, you will need a user account. If you require a new account this can be arranged by contacting the Health and Care Research Wales support and delivery service.

Once an account is set up, you will be able to upload monthly research activity totals for the sites you cover; these totals will then be validated by the central study team or sponsor in the central portfolio management system (CPMS).

The Chief Investigator, Study Coordinator and Research Activity Coordinator (as identified in the study registration form) will be registered with the access rights to the CPMS study record.

All study team roles (within CPMS) are able to validate research activity, however it is the Research Activity Coordinator who has overall responsibility for the data validation.

*A small number of studies will require the central study team and sponsor to manage the research activity solely through CPMS. The study sponsor will confirm the arrangements in these instances, and LPMS upload will not be required.

Useful resources

CPMS user guides

If you experience any problems or have a query please contact the Health and Care Research Wales support and delivery service.