Annual report

New annual report highlights how research has ‘never been more important’

29 October

The importance of research during the COVID-19 pandemic is highlighted in the Health and Care Research Wales Annual Report 2019/2020, published today (30 October).

The report also showcases the impact of our research grants and the work of our funded research community, as well as the research taking place in NHS health boards and trusts.

Professor Kieran Walshe, Director of Health and Care Research Wales, said:

“This report covers the financial year 2019/20, but of course in February 2020 the developing COVID-19 pandemic brought rapid and radical change to the NHS and the care system, and to the world of health and care research.

“Never has research been more important and more central to public policy, and the health and care system has responded magnificently by delivering research on treatments for COVID-19, vaccine development, and the effective management of the pandemic at a pace and scale which is truly unprecedented.”

The benefits of working together, with a One Wales approach, is also a common theme throughout the report.

Professor Walshe added:

“The closing section of this report outlines the way forward for Health and Care Research Wales, and some early reflections on the lessons to be learned from the pandemic.

“We must not underestimate the scale of the challenge, nor the potential rewards. Working together, we can make a reality of the idea that today’s research leads to tomorrow’s care.”

The annual report follows the recent publication of two other reports: Making a difference: the impact of health and care research in Wales and Impact and value of research supported by NHS organisations in Wales: a KPMG report commissioned by Health and Care Research Wales.