Schedule of events cost attribution tool (SoECAT)

The schedule of events cost attribution template (SoECAT) has been developed and implemented across the United Kingdom by a partnership of organisations, including Health and Care Research Wales.

SoECAT is a tool for use with non-commercial research studies in the four UK nations.  It allows funders to receive reassurance that the cost activities within the study have been attributed correctly in line with AcoRD to ensure that full site-level research costs are recovered.

Who needs to complete a SoECAT?

You will need to complete a SoECAT as part of the grant application process if:

  • you are applying for National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and NIHR partners, Health and Care Research Wales or Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) funding schemes;
  • you are the lead applicant for the research;
  • you want to carry out your research in the UK;
  • you want your study adopted on the NIHR portfolio to enable access to the support this provides.

It may also apply for other funders, if in doubt please contact the Health and Care Research Wales support and delivery service. 

Completing a SoECAT form

Guidance on how to complete the SoECAT is available on the NIHR website.

What are the benefits of SoECAT in Wales?

  • The SoECAT has a positive impact for researchers in Wales by ensuring a consistent approach in applying AcoRD across Wales and the UK.
  • As part of the HRA/Health and Care Research Wales approvals process a SoECAT can be submitted instead of a schedule of events.
  • The SoECAT allows Welsh-led researchers easier access to excess treatment costs in England.
  • In Wales, the completion of a SoECAT replaces the need for submitting separate applications for site level excess treatment costs.

For support and further information, please contact the Health and Care Research Wales support and delivery service.