Identify and recruit participants

Recruitment to the study begins once approvals and agreements are in place and the sponsor has given the go ahead to start.

Research participants are identified and approached, and informed consent is obtained to take part in the study.

Recruitment of participants is carried out by the research study team. This may involve screening NHS or care records, referral by clinical or social care staff, and communications, public engagement or raising awareness through groups and forums.

Consent to participate in the study is achieved in various ways for example, written and obtained face to face or online or postal. The process is always clearly described in the approved protocol.

Specific arrangements for informed consent will need to be in place for participants with reduced mental capacity.

Health and Care Research Wales provides training courses in:

  • good clinical practice (GCP)
  • valid informed consent, including information about mental capacity
  • communications skills

Research delivery staff may be available to support your study within NHS and social care settings. For more information contact the Health and Care Research Wales support and delivery service.