Identify research staff to run the study

To ensure participant safety, research quality and legal requirements, all staff must have the right skills and expertise to work on each aspect of the study.

Depending on the scale and type of research there may be one researcher or a larger team of researchers who are trained and able to conduct the study to schedule.

It is essential to identify the staff resources required at the earliest stage of developing the study. This helps with site selection and preparation.

Depending on their role in the study, staff may be funded by the research grant, part of NHS research support and delivery, or part of the service where the research is taking place.

Training staff involved in the study

All staff who work on the research study need to be prepared for their role and responsibilities within the study.

Training should be proportionate to the role being undertaken and evidence of training is required when an organisation is confirming it has the capability to run the study.

Health and Care Research Wales offers training in:

  • good clinical practice and research governance
  • valid informed consent and essential documents
  • communication skills
  • public involvement in research

Useful resources

Download our guide on how to establish a research nurse bank.

Example job descriptions: Clinical Research Officer (band 5)Senior Research Officer (band 6)Research Nurse (band 5)Clinical Research Nurse (band 6).

flowchart for job evaluation leads describing the process for creating, validating and uploading job descriptions for recruitment has also been created.

Contact the Health and Care Research Wales support and delivery service for further information on identifying research staff and advice on training.