Select sites for the study

In order for the study to run as planned it is important to consider where participants can be identified and recruited in to the study.

Research sites are identified as the specific places where the study is conducted. Researchers need to ensure that sites can provide suitable participants for the study and can also provide the required expertise and resources to ensure the study is conducted safely and effectively.

Some studies need different research sites to undertake different parts of the study, for example, providing a particular treatment or using specialist equipment. Researchers need to gather information from health and social care organisations about their capability and capacity to run the study in order to select the site(s) that will ensure success of the study. A One Wales study set-up service is available to help coordinate identification and liaison with multiple sites across Wales on your behalf.

For commercial studies, the Health and Care Research Wales support and delivery centre coordinate expressions of interest to identify interested researchers.

Confirm that there is capacity and capability to run the study

It is important make early contact with your host organisation’s research and development (R&D) office at the earliest opportunity to understand the feasibility of a study. This is best done when developing the research idea and protocol.

Working with the host organisation’s R&D department is key to planning research in health and social care. It is central to gaining agreement from organisations, or sites, to take part in the study and confirmation that they are able to take part. When selecting sites to run the study each organisation needs to assess, arrange and confirm the practical aspects to ensure the study can be set up and conducted safely and effectively.

Study feasibility at a particular site depends on capability and capacity aspects, e.g. whether the study matches with current standard care or treatment, whether there are sufficient populations and/or acceptability of the study design within services.

Agreement to take part happens through sharing of study information between the researcher and the participating site. Researchers will then obtain formal confirmation to participate within the integrated research application system (IRAS), the single point permissions service - see obtaining approval to run the study in the UK.

The Health and Care Research Wales research community can also offer expert advice.