Standard operating procedures

Health and Care Research Wales provides a set of all-Wales standard operating procedures (SOPs) to support the efficient set up and delivery of research. These SOPs have been agreed by all NHS organisations in Wales.

Standard operating procedure 1 - SOP on SOPs 

Standard operating procedure 2 - SOP on GCP

Both the Health Research Authority (HRA) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) advocate a proportionate approach to the application of good clinical practice (GCP) and the appropriate training of staff involved in clinical trials and as such, have released a joint HRA/MHRA statement on the application of good clinical practice training for researchers (v1.1 October 2017) to clarify requirements for GCP training. This has been endorsed by all four UK nations and is reflected within this SOP.

Its purpose is to outline an all-Wales approach to adopt the UK guidelines advocating appropriate and proportionate requirements for GCP training, to ensure the research workforce is appropriately qualified, trained and experienced to conduct studies competently, in accordance with their study role and in compliance with UK research governance and applicable legislation. 

Standard operating procedure 3 - all Wales LPMS SOP 

SOPs which are not included in the list above may be currently under review or in development so please contact the Health and Care Research Wales support and delivery service for further information and advice.