Sharing findings

You must ensure the findings from the study are accessible and actively used to help make decisions and change practice in health and social care settings. You can do this by sharing or disseminating the findings with different audiences.

Health and Care Research Wales can provide expert advice to help you disseminate your research findings.

Our brand guidelines and resources will help you to use our logos and other design elements in your own communications, websites and presentations.

What can you do for Health and Care Research Wales?

  • Ensure that Health and Care Research Wales funding is acknowledged in any press releases, presentations and on your website:
    • X is funded by Welsh Government through Health and Care Research Wales
  • Any press releases involving Health and Care Research Wales funded projects must have a quote from us – please give us prior notice of any press releases and publications.
  • In any research publication or journal article there should be the following disclaimer:
    • This study is funded by Health and Care Research Wales. The views expressed are those of the author/s and not necessarily those of Health and Care Research Wales or Welsh Government.

Dissemination channels

Research findings can be shared through publications, at conferences, through lay summaries and through a number of other channels including social media.

  • You can use Twitter to easily and quickly share your research with a large number of people.
  • Share your research through public Facebook pages, or with specific communities through private groups.
  • The Reddit platform offers a great opportunity for you to engage with a 250 million strong user base, in specific subsections relevant to your research topic.
  • Research involves collaboration and a LinkedIn profile is another great way to network and share ideas.
  • People are spending more time than ever with their headphones on, listening to podcasts, giving you the perfect opportunity to communicate to them with their full attention.
  • Engaging with the media, through a press release, can help you tell the world about your research.
  • Setting up study communications, like a designated website or newsletter, is essential for informing stakeholders and the public about the progress of your research.
  • Being able to blog about your research in plain, clear language will help you share your research with a wider, more general audience.
  • Presenting at events, like a conference, will increase the exposure of your research and provide an opportunity for feedback.
  • Infographics are a great way of helping people to understand lots of complex information.
  • Videos are a great way to communicate complicated concepts in a clear and interesting way.

For more information and guidance on sharing your research findings, contact the Health and Care Research Wales support and delivery service.